About us

The Lavender Clinic

We are a non-profit 501c3 healthcare center with focus on providing inclusive, quality healthcare for ALL communities.

We work tirelessly and fearlessly by following our core values:

Autonomy: We support our patients' right to choose their treatment path with informed consent.

Accessibility: We provide care in any way a person needs.

Equity: We provide equal access to care, regardless of background.

Diversity: We serve and hire as many types of qualified humans as possible.

Education: We provide education to all who are interested in gender diverse healthcare.

Compassion: We recognize that every individual walks a uniquely difficult journey and treat them accordingly.

Connection: We recognize our patients as unique individuals and connect with each on their own level.

Our Mission

To empower individuals from diverse communities, including LGBTQ, to take control of their wellness by providing safe, emotionally supportive, and holistic, high-quality healthcare services.

Our Vision

To be the light of aloha in the community for healthcare; to inspire, engage, and empower people to take control of their wellness through interactive natural partnerships with providers; to promote excellence in their lives, inspire optimal well-being, and foster respect for all.

Our Promise

You are cared for, no matter who you may be.

You are accepted as you are, and we are here to meet your needs whatever they may be.

You will receive exceptional and personalized care, regardless of your background.