Community Programs

We love to meet with our community! Here are our current programs.

Free Community Support Groups


  • Trans-Masculine
  • Trans-Feminine
  • Gender-Spectrum (for all who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum)
  • Parents with Transgender Kids
  • Gay Men (50+)
  • LGBTQ Couples
  • Mahu & Polynesian

Youth / Teen

  • Trans/genderfluid Teens
  • LGBTQI Youth (Up to age 12)
  • LGBTQI Teens (Ages 13-17)

The Sista Project

The purpose of the Sista Project is to provide transgender women with the kind of support and social interaction that will build and enhance confidence, safety, and self-esteem through teamwork and clinical support. The Sista Project serves to increase the availability of safe places to share real-life undertakings, the tasks of being a woman and the real-life issues that can be shared with peers and contribute to personal growth. The Sista Project is growing its membership every month and is currently accepting new applicants. Applications can be downloaded here and returned to the front desk. For more information on the Sista Project and its upcoming meetings and events please contact TLC Licensed Social Worker Joe Bloom.

All groups are supervised by licensed health professionals that are all LGBTQ-supportive and trained. Groups topics and discussion is directed by the community members attending. These are YOUR groups.

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