Quality Patient Care Committee Chair

Renee Pedersen Rumler (she/her) & Gracie (service K9)

Renee Rumler is passionate about Primary Care, Transgender / Gender Non-Binary Health,  and working with the Hard of Hearing / Deaf Community.

Renee completed medical school at University of Arizona College of Medicine in 2010 and attended residency at the Family Medicine Residency Program in Anchorage Alaska from 2010-2011. She completed 8 of the required 12 months needed for licensure.  With 4 months remaining, she had to resign do to serious health issues at that time. Renee attended residency with Dr. Hawk and he recruited her to his clinic for her amazing bed-side manner and clinical skills under a supervised post-doctorate program at Hawk Health LLC.  Renee completed her 2 year post-doctorate under Dr. Hawk supervision in Winter 2017. She continues to work towards her physician license in Hawaii.

Renee is the Clinical Director for The Lavender Center and Clinic and continues her advocacy work with the Transgender / Gender Non-Binary Community. She plays both the violin and bluegrass fiddle, enjoys the outdoors, loves rescue animals,  and has a great affinity for seahorses.