Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Mikhail

Stephanie Mikhail has been working with the gender diverse community since 2013, when she left her career as an industrial engineer. What began as volunteering with The Lavender Clinic and The Life Foundation – now Hawaii Health and Harm Reduction Center (HHHRC) – quickly evolved into contracting with HHHRC, serving on the Honolulu Transgender Day of Remembrance planning committee, and becoming a receptionist at The Lavender Clinic in 2016. Once employed by The Lavender Clinic, Stephanie rose through the ranks to become th)e clinic’s Director of Operations in only three short years. She continues to use her engineering expertise and her passion for the LGBTQ community to improve clinic operations.

Stephanie is grateful to apply her skills and Rutgers University education in an innovative and fulfilling way and is proud to be just one of many shining examples of how The Lavender Clinic is not in any way conventional. She now lives in Central Oahu with her wife Steffanie – collectively known as “The Steffphanies” – whom she happily married in a universe-themed ceremony on Oahu’s North Shore in 2019.